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Exalted Shungite Pendant

aetherea's Exalted Shungite pendants and bracelets create an oasis of calm around our bodies. Our pendants are designed to help your body reduce the stress that EMF and particularly 5G produce.

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Tune-Up! Aches and Pains

Tune-Up! Aches and Pains is designed for the usual aches and pains we all encounter in our daily lives.

Move through blockages: enjoy freedom of your body in motion!

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Tune-Up! Adr-crt

Tune-Up! Adr-crt helps restore balance to the adrenal glands.

Look Up, Relax and Unwind!

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Tune-Up! All Seasons

Tune-Up! All Seasons, the product that helps our body overcome the seasonal challenges our immune system is subject and prey to. All Seasons sharpens its wits.

A Renewed Confidence in Your Health throughout the Year!

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Tune-Up! Anxiety & Anticipation

Feeling wound up, overwhelmed, thinking about what the future holds? Tune-Up! Anxiety & Anticipation might help ease your heart and mind.

Release the Twin Dragons and Return to a Calm Center!

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Tune-Up! Brain

Foggy head, lack of clarity in your thinking, cloudy mind? Tune-Up! Brain might help disperse the fog and establish clarity.

Claim and Enjoy Clear Thinking!

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Tune-Up! Breathe

Open the lungs, breath freely again!

Learn more About Tune-Up! Breathe

Tune-Up! Digestion

Tune-Up! Digestion Helps maintain the tone and balance of our digestive system..

Stoke the Digestive Fire that Nourishes and Protects!

Lean More About Tune-Up! Digestion

Tune-Up! EMF+

Learn to Relax and Get Tight! A 21st century paradox.

Learn More About Tune-Up! EMF+

Tune-Up! Heart

Beyond Emotional Flatlines into a Heart-center of Peace and Joy.

Lean More About Tune-Up! Heart

Tune-Up! Heavy Metal

Free the Debris that Binds Body & Mind!

Learn More About Tune-Up! Heavy Metal

Tune-Up! Jet Lag

Tune-Up! Jet Lag is designed to help with issues associated with high speed travel.

Get It All Back Together After the Long Trip!

Learn More About Tune-Up! Jet Lag

Tune-Up! Kidney

Tune-Up! Kidney Manage Stress with Lustrous Energy!

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Tune-Up! Liver

Move Through Life with Grace and Ease!

Lean More About Tune-Up! Liver

Tune-Up! Lymph

Refresh, Energize and Keep Prime your Body's Ability to Drain Debris!

Lean More About Tune-Up! Lymph

Tune-Up! Relax

Looking for a way to unwind from the day? Or starting out the day just right? Tune-Up! Relax will do the trick.

Regain Composure in Health!

Learn More About Tune-Up! Relax

Tune-Up! Restore

Life throws many curves. Restore your groove.

Renew a Sense of Well-Being, of Strength, Vitality and Agility!

Learn More About Tune-Up! Restore

Tune-Up! Sleepy

Tune-Up! Sleepy is a formula designed to help re-establish restful sleep. It is composed of products that aid in relaxation and restoration. It can be taken after the evening meal and again before bedtime.

Reclaim the Restorative Properties of Sleep!

Learn More About Tune-Up! Sleepy

Tune-Up! Spirit

Let the Still Small Voice Within Nourish You

Lean More About Tune-Up! Spirit

Intro to aetherea

Take a journey, into the Symphony of your Self!

Essential Stretching

Our Founder, Michael Leger, created a video that distills 50 years of his experience in a wide variety of movement forms. In 15 minutes, you can work through all of the major joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the body, toning each part, increasing resilience and strength. Use the password Essential! to view.