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the aetherea Leadership team

Michael Leger, Founder of aetherea

Michael Leger

Our Founder

Michael's interest in the field of human energetics began in 1972, studying martial arts and Tai Chi. Several years later, Michael began his career in the alternative health field serving healthcare professionals, especially as an account manager for Biotics Research and the AcuScope and MyoPulse electro-medicine devices. Realizing he lacked an understanding of the principles behind these devices, he returned to school in the late '80's.

Michael completed his undergraduate degree in Neo-classical2 computation. He went on to complete a Master's in music composition, focusing on magnetic field transduction into the sound/musical domain, the sonification of DNA-data and more generally in the field of resonance.

After graduating, Michael invented a new family of musical instruments based on magnetic field transduction and served as engineering and senior manager for several musical and educational software firms. He deepened his understanding of human energy fields by beginning study of Qigong (Chi Kung) in 2004, focusing on the school of Internal Alchemy.

He formally returned to the homeopathic area as a business consultant for Celletech in 2006 and Uriel Pharmacy in 2008. At Uriel, Michael worked very closely with Uriel's founder - Mark McKibben - acquiring an understanding of anthroposophical medicine, in particular, its methods of potentization and elevation of substances. In 2008, Michael also began his study of lab alchemy - focusing on Spagyrics.

At Celletech, Michael was introduced to Magneto-Geometric Application (MGA) devices, developed by Malcolm Rae. Michael learned the process of remedy creation using the MGA system and began actively researching the development of the concepts behind the MGA system.

While doing that research, he was directed to the site of Nick Franks. After a pivotal phone call discussing Malcolm's MGA instrument, Nick shared the work that he had been doing in the field to advance the Art from Malcolm's time, including the development of new instruments and reference materials. Michael purchased a used ANT v1 to test out and was extremely impressed with the results. The rest, as is said, is history. Michael now proudly uses Nick's instruments as the basis of his groundbreaking work.

Today, Michael is a voracious reader and regularly enjoys home study courses to augment his reading. He is a member of the HPUS. He has an avid interest in Western esoteric science and philosophy and finds that the practice of plant alchemy - Spagyrics - provides a great historical perspective for his studies.

Michael is dedicated to empowering you, your family, your practice towards your greatest holistic health. Many people come to his line not knowing much about how it all works, and leave considering his formulas to be essential parts of their day-to-day lives. Michael enjoys creating personal relationships with all of his customers, and looks forward to helping you reach physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.

Nick Franks

Etheric Engineer

Nick Franks was born in Manchester (UK) in July 1951. He was educated at Manchester University where he received an Honours degree in Economics. In 1973 he co-founded AMEK SYSTEMS & CONTROLS LTD with Graham Langley. The now-legendary AMEK manufactured professional audio mixing consoles, its large customer base including many of the world's leading broadcast, recording, and sound reinforcement companies and also numerous multi-platinum recording artists. AMEK and subsidiary brands delivered consoles to more than 55 countries and were awarded the prestigious Queen of England's Award for Export on three occasions.

In 1997 Nick departed the professional audio industry and began to develop an existing interest in Radionics and Homoeopathy. Almost entirely self-taught in both subjects, his current main line of work is the development of Bioenergy information field treatment techniques, Coherent Energy Transfer™ Instruments and Etheric Engineering in general, especially within the context of Radionics & Psychotronics.

Nick completed his book 21st Century Radionics, published in 2012, which is now viewed as an authoritative work on the subject. The new 2nd edition was released in August of 2022, which can be found here. Nick has been an integral member of the aetherea team since its inception and has helped develop the company's highly-successful product range.

Kathleen McCambridge RN


Kathy first became interested in Homeopathy while working as General Manager at Sherwyn's Health food store in Chicago in the mid-80's. She has an excellent background in pathology, working as an Emergency Room, OB-GYN and Critical care RN and more. She began self-study in Homeopathy shortly after the birth of her daughter, attending seminars by Andre Seine, Robin Murphy and collecting a large homeopathic library. She possesses a deep intuitive understanding of products that perfectly matches her experience as an RN.

the aetherea Staff

Elli Uhlir

Lab Technician

Allyssa Hill

Production Technician

Allyssa is a Production Technician with a decade’s worth of customer service experience. Her background also consists of graphic design, front-end HTML coding, and art in general. She moved to Madison for college back in 2012 from her sleepy hometown of Campbellsport, WI. She studied video game design at Madison Media Institute with industry professionals for two years. After enjoying the bustling activity of the city, she and her husband planted roots permanently post college. In her personal time she enjoys drawing, bingeing the latest hit show, and playing video games. Their home is filled with an array of adopted pets; Cats - Pino, Bob, Lynx, and Alphonse. Dogs - Tedo a Chihuahua mix, and Zendaya the Shiba. She looks forward to assisting our customers in their journey to ‘Know what healthy feels like!’.

Arielle Leger

Content development