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Tune-Up! Restore

Tune-Up! Restore

Tune-Up! Restore. Life throws many curves. Restore your Groove.

Commitment to Sustainability

aetherea, LLC maintains a serious commitment to sustainability. We reuse, recycle and minimize our usage of resources wherever possible.

Energy usage:

  • Our lab is lit with LED lighting. We consume no more than 100 watts/hour to light our lab.
  • Our electric company offers a plan called Second Nature that provides a method for its customers to request that up to 100% of their electricity usage come from renewable resources. We select the 100% option.


  • All of the re-usable cardboard packaging we receive is used for sheet mulching and compost. The non re-usable cardboard - cardboard with non-soy inks typically - is recycled.
  • The packing peanuts we receive in packing materials sent to us are re-used by our packing and shipping department.
  • The paper we use in the office/lab is made from 100% recycled material.

Beyond Green

  • United States Postal Service shipping - our preferred shipping method - is delivered to our local post office by bicycle, regardless of the weather conditions, short of a tornado or blizzard. Your orders have been delivered when the temperature was as low as -10F and as high as 103F. The bicycle in this picture is designed to carry up to 200 additional pounds. And with the electric assist, it can do so quite quickly. In the time they take to arrive at the post office, the temperature of the packages do not change more than a few degrees from room temperature.