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Referral Discounts

Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

Your friend will receive a 10% discount coupon code for their first purchase and you will receive a 20% discount coupon code when they make their first purchase.

How it works

Refer a friend to us by contacting us and letting us know you made the referral or have your friend contact us and let us know. They can give us a call to setup an account and place their order.

How do I submit a testimonial?

The easiest way is to use our contact form, send an email to customerservice at aethereahealth dot com, or give us a call at 608-630-8200.

Once your friend makes a purchase, we will send you a 20% off coupon code. These codes do not expire.

How many times can I receive a referral discount?

You can refer as many friends as you would like.

How does this work for Professional referrals?

For Professional referrals, a referral of another professional is required to receive the referral discount. 

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