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Lorraine Stern CCH
Live Love Laugh Healing

2175 Elkhorn Rd
Castroville, CA 95012

Also seeing clients in our Moss Landing/Monterey office.
Distance sessions available via phone or Zoom.


Lorraine Stern CCH has been a practitioner of Mind Body Medicine for 20 years. She began her studies after the birth of her daughter, who had numerous ear infections. When a homeopathic practitioner popped a few homeopathy pellets into the mouth of the screaming 3 year old, and she began to smile, Lorraine knew she had to learn more.

Since witnessing the magic of homeopathy, Lorraine has studied with many Master Homeopaths, Massimo Mangliavori, Frans Vermuelen and Alize Timmerman to name a few. She earned her Classical Homeopathic Certification in 2007.

Homeopathy opened the door for Lorraine to study shamanism, bodywork, nutrition and cranial sacral. Today Lorraine combines modalities to offer holistic care for her clients. Her main emphasis is in Mind Body medicine. Our bodies are the container for our emotions, our mind and our Spirit. Bringing these aspects into balance in her clients brings Lorraine joy and purpose.

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