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A series of interviews that founder Michael Leger is doing with a wide variety of people in the field of Subtle energy and science, including homeopathic and radionics practitioners and others who have an interesting perspective on the field.

Misha Norland

First up in our Interview section is an interview Michael did with Misha Norland, homeopath extraordinaire. The interview was conducted on 29 July 2021.

The loose agenda we had was to talk about one of Misha's mentors - John DaMonte. Mr. DaMonte was one of the leading radionics practitioners, as well as a homeopath, in the UK in the 1950s-1970s.

As well as having some wonderful stories about John and the homeopathy scene in the UK in the later 60s and 70s, Misha shared some very touching and personal stories of his evolution as a healer, his perspective on case-taking, which for Misha is the establishment of a sacred space between practitioner and client, noetic remedies, layers in homeopathy and much more.

[I must apologize a bit. I was exhausted when I did this interview. I had many many things going on professionally at the time, but I felt a certain urgency to do the interview. I am very grateful to have done so. Misha passed a few months after it.] -ml