aetherea’s origin was in creating products that are similar to homeopathic products. Because the process that we use to make our products does not follow the homeopathic bible - the Homeopathic Pharmacopeaia of the United States (HPUS) - our products cannot be called homeopathic. Functionally, they are equivalent, and in many cases are of higher quality.

In the US, regulations for the healthcare and dietary supplement markets are based on chemistry. For almost all products this is very appropriate. In the case of products that are based on information - in the alternative healthcare market this would be our products, homeopathy, Perelandra Garden, Starlight essences and others - that foundation is much less meaningful. For homeopathic products that are higher in potency than 12c or 24x, their contents are information or energy-based. For homeopathic products that are below 6c or 12x, chemistry becomes more important, but is not the primary foundation. For potencies below 6x, chemistry is important.

The requirement that information-based products follow chemistry-based products guidelines has a few ramifications. We cannot call our products by their full names. We use a system of abbreviation, typically the first six letters of the first name and the first three of the last name of any product. For example, Arnica montana becomes Arnicamon, Calcarea carbonica becomes Calcarcar, Gelsemium sempervirens becomes Gelsemsem. Due to the need for abbreviation, when looking for a product, we recommend searching on the first five or six letters of the product you’re looking for. Because the word ‘potency’ is primarily associated with homeopathic products, we cannot use that term. We use ‘value’ to indicate that the products that we make have been potentized. Because homeopathic products have a specific naming convention to indicate potency - 6x, 30c, 200c, etc - we cannot use those terms. We use 10 and 100, x is the Roman numeral for 10, c is the Roman numeral for 100, and Kb, Mb and Gb for the higher values.

We have a massive catalog. Over 10,000 individual products. For some practitioners, this is very valuable. For everyday use however, it is overwhelming. If you are looking for everyday products, click on the ‘Top 100’ list. These are the products that have proven useful over the last 200 years.