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Getting Started with aetherea

When you purchase products from us, there are a few things you will need to know before you begin shopping. If you have questions about anything you're reading, please feel free to contact us!


All products come in two basic forms: Sweet Dots, which are similar to homeopathic pellets/globules, and Mouth Spray. Both forms are equally effective. Choosing one or the other is up to your personal taste and requirements.


Sweet Dots come in two sizes: a 5 gram tube and a 25 gram bottle. Mouth Spray comes in a 30ml bottle. The 25 gram and 30ml bottles are made from biophotonic glass, which enhances the quality of our products. Put them in a sunny window for greater benefit!


Sweet Dots are made from 100% sucrose. Mouth Spray products are made with distilled water and 20% organic cane alcohol.


For our singles products (Hom-type, aetherea, Crystals, Flowers, Elements) a 'value' needs to be chosen. 'Value' is similar to homeopathy's Potency. Each product's description includes an index that maps the difference between value and potency. If you're not sure where to begin, we recommend choosing a 'Low chord' from the Value drop down.


Our smart food products are separated into six categories:

Know what healthy feels like!™ By providing our body with the information it needs to remember true health, our Tune-Up! products are designed to help you overcome life’s many challenges.

The aetherea category is our take on products that are based on a single imprint. Products within this category will typically be of interest to people and practitioners with more experience using energetically-based products.

This category is primarily intended for healthcare professionals. We have an extensive catalog. For beginners, personal or professional, there is a Top 15 product section with some useful tips for their usage. This section opens into a Top 100 section for further exploration.

aetherea’s Flower essences capture the grace and beauty of the plant kingdom’s artists. They have a particular resonance for our emotional states, helping to soothe, calm and nurture.

Fine elixirs of one of the most powerful aspects of our world - the crystalline. Each crystalline imprint fully embodies the songs that each crystal sings, enabling them to penetrate into the deepest and highest aspects of our being.

Like our Hom-type category, Elements are typically used by professionals. Our current listing includes over 1500 elements and their compounds - products that are made from Periodic table components.

Shopping & Search

Tune-Up!: The perfect place to start with simple, safe and effective products tailored to specific needs.

The SEARCH Field: When you have a particular product you want to find, use the Search field in the upper right of any page. Search on the first five or six letters of the product you seek.

More Information

Interested in learning more about aetherea? Visit our About Us page for a more detailed discussion of who we are and what we do.