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Thank you for visiting! This page provides an overview of our products, including brief descriptions of some of our processes. If you have questions about anything you're reading, please feel free to contact us!


Our smart food products are made from the following ingredients:

Sweet dots - Sweet dots (globules) are 100% sucrose and contain no lactose

Mouth spray - Mouth spray products are made from distilled water and organic alcohol


Our smart food products are separated into six categories:

Our most popular products. A bit more than a dozen products that provide a unique type of nourishment - nourishment for our Life body, which helps restore order and balance to our physical bodies. We can forget what true health is, the Tune-Up! line, as well as other aetherea products, help our bodies re-member what true health is. If you are a first time visitor, we recommend you take a look here.

Our aetherea category contains products that are unique to aetherea as well as several combination products. Some of the more unusual products you can find in this category include information imprints for the Chakras, Planets, Normalize and Optimize products.

More than 6,000 products that cover a very wide array of types. All product names are listed in an abbreviated form. Plants can be searched by botanical name or common name, products similar to homeopathic products can be searched by standard name. Each plant product page lists the botanical name as well as several common names in the description section. This category is typically used by professionals. These products are made in the aetheric, not the homeopathic, method.

Pure, sweet and ethereal, our selection of 1100+ Flower essences will delight, soften and soothe the soul.

An incredible selection of elixirs of gems, minerals and crystals. Our elixirs are made in a process that is unique to aetherea. The song that the crystal sings is fully embodied in each elixir, enabling it to penetrate to the deepest and highest aspects of our body, soul and spirit.

We have become known for the incredible depth of our Elements category. Over 1,300 elements and compound elements and growing regularly. The widest selection available anywhere on our small planet.


Products can be searched by all or part of any name. Plant products can be searched by common and botanical names. You can narrow your search to specific categories or search the entire catalog. We highly recommend searching by the first few letters of the product you are seeking. If you get too many results, you can add another letter and try your search again. Using this method makes it much more likely you will find the product you are looking for.

Bottle sizes

We offer the following bottle sizes:

Sweet dots (globules) are offered in 5 gram (~1/5oz) 

and 25 gram (0.8oz) bottles

Mouth spray bottles are offered in 30 ml (1oz) bottles

The one ounce bottles are "Violettglas". This glass is very special. It blocks the 'negative' aspects of the visible spectrum and allows the beneficial aspects to pass through, enlivening and energizing the contents. We recommend that you put your bottles in a sunny window for a period of time! It will enhance the quality of our products!