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Our Founder

Michael Leger, aetherea Founder

Michael's interest in the field of human energetics began in 1972, studying martial arts. His interest was brought to particular focus in 1978 by studying Tai Chi. The moving meditation and internal focus of Tai chi helped create an awareness of the body's energy fields; how they could amplified and circulated and how they could be used to improve health and well-being.

Michael began his professional career in the alternative healthcare field shortly afterward, as the supplement buyer for Sherwyn's Health Foods in Chicago, IL. At that time, Sherwyn's was the largest health food store in Chicago. Michael became interested in homeopathy, and in energy medicine more generally, at Sherwyn's. He went on to become an account manager for Biotics Research, Turtle Mountain and for the AcuScope and MyoPulse electro-medicine devices, serving healthcare professionals in the mid to late '80's. Realizing he lacked an understanding of the principles behind the electro-medicine devices, he returned to school in the late '80's.

Michael completed his undergraduate degree in "Neo-classical2 computation" - a combination of computer science, computer graphics, computer music and computational mathematics. This degree was a modern re-interpretation of the classical Quadrivium. He went on to complete a Master's in music composition, focusing on magnetic field transduction into the sound/musical domain, the sonification of DNA-data and more generally in the field of resonance.

After graduating, Michael invented a new family of musical instruments based on magnetic field transduction and served as engineering and senior manager for several musical and educational software firms. He deepened his understanding of human energy fields by beginning study of Qigong (Chi Kung) in 2004, focusing on the school of Internal Alchemy.

He formally returned to the homeopathic area as a business consultant for Celletech in 2006 and Uriel Pharmacy in 2008. At Uriel, Michael worked very closely with Uriel's founder - Mark McKibben - acquiring an understanding of anthroposophical medicine, in particular, its methods of potentization and elevation of substances. In 2008, Michael also began his study of lab alchemy - focusing on Spagyrics.

At Celletech, Michael was introduced to Magneto-Geometric Application (MGA) devices, developed by Malcolm Rae. Michael learned the process of remedy creation using the MGA system and began actively researching the development of the concepts behind the MGA system.

While doing that research, he was directed to the site of Nick Franks. He gave Nick a call to ask questions about one of Malcolm's MGA instruments. That phone call turned out to be the pivotal turning point in the next stage of Michael's life. After discussing Malcolm's MGA instrument, Nick shared the work that he had been doing in the field to advance the Art from Malcolm's time, including the development of new instruments and reference materials. Michael purchased a used ANT v1 to test out and was extremely impressed with the results. The rest, as is said, is history. Michael purchased more of Nick's instruments and formed aetherea using Nick's instruments as the basis of his work.

Michael is primarily self-taught. He attended one year of homeopathic schooling at the Hahnemann Center for Homeopathy, focused during that time on Dr. Hahnemann's oeuvre. He is a voracious reader and regularly enjoys home study courses to augment his reading. He is a member of the HPUS. He has an avid interest in Western esoteric science and philosophy and finds that the practice of plant alchemy - Spagyrics - provides a great historical perspective for his studies.