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aetherea's Flower Essence products capture the grace and beauty of the plant kingdom's artists. They have a particular resonance for our emotional states, helping to soothe, calm and nurture.

Begun in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach, Flower Essences have blossomed into an energetic category of their own. aetherea’s take on Flower Essences is derived from their spiritual essence.

We directly access Nature's blueprints for the world of flowers. Esoteric study suggests that cutting a flower removes the plant's reproductive organs. By directly accessing the flower's blueprint, no flowers are destroyed in the process of making an aetheric Flower Essence.

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Top 15 Flower Essences


Patience, patience

Irritated, frustrated, having a hard time focusing? Constantly checking phone, email, texts? The beautiful pink Impatiens might be just what you’re looking for.



Pessimism, Unbounded

The glass isn't even half empty? Can’t seem to get ahead? Life has you down in the dumps? Take a look at the beautiful blue Gentian, she might have what you need.



Future Fear

The beautiful yellow Mimulus eases the fear that can grip our souls, helping us move into the world with greater confidence.



Find the Gift

Chasing every rainbow? Having a hard time being in the Here and Now? Clematis can help you see the world around you and clarify the world within.



Worried about Worrying

Good for the sensitive, and maybe overly-sensitive soul. Agrimony can help release tension and anxieties.



Unconditional Love

Love is never enough? Feeling unappreciated? Chicory can help you find the fountain of love that exists inside each of us.



The Middle Way

Intolerant of the world around you? Exhausted from over-reaching? Tending towards the fanatical? Vervain can help you find the balance necessary to live with the world as it is, to realize what can, and what cannot be changed.



Healthy Boundaries

Forgotten how to say no? Helping everyone but yourself? Centaury can help you establish healthy boundaries, learn to say no and develop a stronger will.



Make up your mind

Can’t decide which way to go? Flitting from one idea or project to the next? Scleranthus can help you stay on target, learn more about yourSelf and stay balanced through life’s changes.


Water Violet

Above it All

Feeling aloof, arrogant, separating from those around you? Water Violet can help you re-join the world, using your self-confidence for the benefit of others as well as Self.


Rock Rose

Inner Strength

Life can certainly be cruel; our hearts rent by the pain we feel; our souls without hope for the tragedies we see. Rock Rose can help you find the strength within, moving through the trauma, overcoming life’s challenges.



Find the Path

If you’re having difficulty finding Life’s Path, having trouble hearing the still quiet voice within, Cerato can help you re-connect with your intuition, knowing which way to turn amongst life’s many possibilities.


Star of Bethlehem

Releasing Grief

Death comes to us in many forms and all of them can cause great pain. It can be difficult to find our way forward through the grief. Star of Bethlehem can light our path through the darkest of times, helping us find the gift that the passing can offer us.



Inner Peace

The future is full of unknowns. The events of the 2020’s taking this to sometimes nightmarish proportions, especially for those of us who are extremely sensitive. Aspen can help us look into the world with greater confidence and inner peace.


Chestnut Bud


Easily distracted? Grass is always greener on the other side? Not sure how you ended up where you’re at? Chestnut Bud can help you stay on task and learn the lessons Life is trying to teach.


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