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Tune-Up! Restore

Tune-Up! Restore

Tune-Up! Restore. Life throws many curves. Restore your Groove.

Exalted Shungite Pendant

Code: HDYN99999  
aetherea's Exalted Shungite pendants create an oasis of calm around our bodies. Our pendants are designed to help your body reduce the stress that EMF and particularly 5G produce. 

The shungite in our pendants is approximately 50-70% carbon, with a wide variety of other minerals making up the remainder. They ship in an attractive 100% cotton muslin bag. Available in Circular (1.2" in diameter and 0.15" in thickness) or Bell shape (approximately 2" long and 0.25" thick).

aetherea's Exalted Shungite pendants start with genuine Russian shungite. On its own, shungite has wonderful EMF-damping properties. EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) particularly the man-made ones, can have a dramatic influence on our health. Increased stress, lowered resilience and emotional agitation are just a few outcomes. EMF sources in our environment include Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, cellphones, TV and radio transmitters, electrical wiring and many more. Our environment is saturated with these fields. Man-made EMF are now one billion billion times greater than background radiation. That's a one followed by 25 zeros. To give you an idea of the magnitude of that number, it's larger than the number of stars believed to exist in our universe. This is before the rollout of 5G technologies, which are happening right now. 5G technologies are designed to support the 'Internet of Things' like smart meters, smart cars, smart refrigerators and smart toilets. Don't laugh too hard, smart toilets - a toilet that is filled with sensors that can monitor your health - are right around the corner. 
Shungite has been around for quite some time, possibly two billion years. It's high natural carbon content, rich in 'buckyballs' or C60 carbon
creates a network that helps reduce the 'noise' of EMF's. It is also a wonderful matrix for receiving aetherea's WovenLight technology. 

Carbon is designed to hold life - it's the reason why life on Earth is said to be 'carbon-based'. We take advantage of this in-forming force by substantially increasing the shungite information field and energizing it, dramatically enhancing shungite's protective properties. 

EMF technologies cannot be avoided in the 21st century, but we can help our bodies adjust to it, reducing stress levels, creating a small oasis of calm around and within our bodies. 

We are currently offering two shapes:

A circular shape, which is 1.2" in diameter and 0.15" in thickness

and a 'Bell' shape:
The Bell shape is approximately 2" long and 0.25" thick.