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Doug Brown
Homeopathic Healing

833 SW 11th Ave Ste 216
Portland, OR 97205


If anybody had suggested 30 years ago that I would become a full-time practicing homeopath I would have been mystified and astonished! As a graduate of Yale University's Family Nurse Practitioner program in 1987 I was fully committed to the medical model of health and disease upon which my training was based. After more than a decade of prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, however, I developed a strong gut feeling that there must be something "more". Intuitively I sensed that there was a connection between physical problems and the state of mind that mainstream medicine had not grasped. I began an intensive search for this missing link, never suspecting that the answer lay in a forgotten, 200 year old medical tradition called "homeopathy". Until, that is, I witnessed what seemed like miraculous healings from these little pellets, which led me to the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and educating myself out of my Nurse Practitioner jobs. My practice today is 100% homeopathy. I take great joy in my practice of homeopathic medicine treatment . It allows me to become both an instrument in, and a witness to, a healing process which points to a deep compassion and impulse towards wholeness built into the structure of our universe.

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