Michael Leger 23.02.11

I became interested in bio-magnetism after stumbling across an article written by Albert Roy Davis several years ago. Albert Roy Davis was the first man to discover that a magnet has two fundamentally different forces emanating from it. While we are all aware that any magnet has a north and south pole, Davis discovered that the energy that each pole puts out is different, particularly with regards to biological life.

He accidentally made this discovery in 1936, when he left a couple of boxes full of bait worms next to a horseshoe magnet overnight. When he found the boxes he had misplaced, he noticed that the worms in the box next to one side of the horseshoe were noticeably larger than the worms in the box next to the other side. Curious, he decided to repeat the experiment. After several tries, he noticed that the worms exposed to the south pole were about 1/3rd longer, thicker and more active than the worms unexposed to either pole. He also noticed that the worms exposed to the north pole were much thinner and less active and that more had died than either the control or south pole worms.

Continuing his work into the 1970's Albert Roy Davis joined forces with Walter Rawls. Davis and Rawls broke a lot of ground together, much of their work still not recognized by the mainstream scientific community. After documenting the different energies of the two poles, they also discovered that any magnet creates a figure eight field, not the typical torus that most of us are familiar with (See Figure to the left). They discovered that magnetic energy flows out of the south pole and into the center of the magnet and then flows out of the center and up to the north pole. The image we are most familiar with - the apparent field demonstrated when iron filings are placed near a magnet - is not the field of the magnet itself. Each filing becomes a mini-magnet when placed next to a magnet and line themselves up according to standard polar attraction/repulsion.

They also corrected - though also not widely known - what the 'North pole' is. The correction is easily demonstrated. Take a small bar or cylindrical magnet. Tie a string to its middle. Suspend the magnet by the string and allow it to spin/rotate freely. When it stops, the south pole will be pointing towards the Earth's magnetic north pole. On a compass, the needle points to the Earth’s north pole, but the needle point itself is the south pole of the dial magnet. Properly distinguishing between the two is extremely important for the proper application of magnetic energy. Every magnetic pole identifier I’ve seen gets this exactly wrong. The following table explains the different effect between the two poles:

North-South pole energies
Healing Energy
North South
Has a counter-clockwise rotation
Has a clockwise rotation
Inhibits Excites
Relieves pain
Increases pain
Reduces inflammation
Increases inflammation
Produces an alkaline effect
Produces an acid effect
Reduces symptoms
Intensifies symptoms
Fights infections
Promotes micro-organisms
Supports healing
Inhibits healing
Reduces fluid retention
Increases fluid retention
Increases cellular oxygen
Decreases tissue oxygen
Encourages deep restorative sleep
Stimulates wakefulness
Produces a bright mental effect
Has an overactive effect
Reduces fatty deposits
Encourages fatty deposits
Establishes healing polarity
Polarity of an injury site
Stimulates melatonin function
Stimulates body function
Normalizes natural alkaline pH

In their extensive writings, Davis and Rawls continuously emphasize the importance of using only the north magnetic pole when applying magnetic energy to animals or humans. The effect of the south pole, while initially feeling good to some, can have very negative effects over the mid to long term.

South pole energy can be useful when applied to plants. It seems that the roots of plants love south pole energy. There is a substantial amount of documentation in their books on the use of this energy applied in agricultural settings.

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Dr. Rawls on several occasions before he passed in 2010. He was a wonderfully interesting man and had many fascinating experiments always in process. I understand that there is an enormous amount of research material that he and Davis generated, but it appears unlikely that it will ever see the light of day. The powers that be do not want to see inexpensive easy-to-use applications such as Davis and Rawls developed to be used by the general public. It would genuinely change the world as we know it.

Please note: Keep all remedies away from any magnet. Exposure to magnetic energy will 'erase' the energetic signature of the remedy.