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Tune-Up! Winter

Helps prepare you for exposure to the ups and downs of the winter season. Composed of some of our most magical products...


Health-related Links


A simple and beautiful practice based on a method of stress release and problem solving developed by native Hawaiians. The basic idea is that we are responsible for all that we come into contact with - ie. if we are experiencing conflict, the way to resolve the conflict lies within us, not outside of us. In practice, it is a simple mantra/prayer - I Love You, Thank you, I am sorry, Please forgive me - that has profound results. Once started, this simple process begins an alchemical transformation; everyday experience is brought up from our conscious and sub-conscious self to the super-conscious self, transmuting it and bringing the change back into everyday life.

There are many web-sources on this practice, some of questionable value, some over-commercialized. We provide links that we have found to be useful and with a minimum of hype.

Ancient Earth Religions - good brief article on the founder of the contemporary practice.

Interviews with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len - a collection of some of the best interviews on the subject.

The Peace of I - an ancient beautiful poem/prayer.


The HeartMath Institute has been doing research into the human heart, redefining its functionality, for quite some time. They have great applications of their research that provides immediate and long term benefits for practitioners and their patients. If you're not aware of them, take a good close look. Here's a link to a simple technique to help establish the feeling of coherence that is the basis of their work: Quick Coherence

GMOs and Monsanto

The Minnesota Star Tribune reported in a July 26.2011 article that a Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that an organic farmer has the right to sue a neighboring farmer for 'trespass' of pesticides and GMO particulates. This follows on a similar California court ruling in 2010. While an apparent victory for organic farmers, the real criminal is Monsanto, which is completely free of any and all liability for any damage done when a farmer uses their GMO seed. The ruling pits farmer against farmer, and the loser is the public.

The original Star Tribune article can be found here:

Wafting poison

Monsanto Defeated by Roundup Resistant Weeds

The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia is reporting that Monsanto is abandoning their fight against the exponential growth of glyphosate resistant weeds. Monsanto has stated that they will honor no warranty for the failure of glyphosate to control weeds. As of 2011, 21 species have been identified that are resistant, these species covering 4.5 million hectares (11.25 million acres) in the US alone. Two species with resistance are particularly troubling - Palmer amaranth, destructive to corn - and Common waterhemp, destructive to cotton.

Monsanto's solution is to develop crops that can tolerate more pesticides, as well as using a cocktail of pesticides to manage resistance. One surmises that Nature is saying that (development of) resistance is futile. The article goes on to cite alternative methods to control weeds that do not involve the use of toxic chemicals in the creation of food.

The full article is available here:

Roundup Resistance

Arkansas Supreme Court affirms $50M verdict for Rice Farmers

ABC News reports that the Arkansas Supreme Court affirmed a $50 million verdict against Bayer CropScience. Bayer Cropscience's genetically modified seeds contaminated the food supply and drove down crop prices. Though Bayer argued that the award "shocks the conscinence", the Court affirmed the lower court's award. Bayer also argued that mixing conventional rice with their modified rice did not constitute physical damage, an argument that did not appeal to the original jury. As usual, large business interests are stating that the ruling will have a chilling effect on the business climate - this version's mouthpiece being Randy Zook, president and CEO of the Chamber and Associated Industries of Arkansas.

The full article is available here:

AR Supreme Court upholds $50M verdict against Bayer CropScience

Dietary changes help reverse MS in 9 months

An MD who contracted MS switched to a paleo-style diet and reversed her MS in 9 months. She discusses her journey back to health in a TEDx presentation. Highlights of her dietary changes include eating 3 cups of greens, 3 cups of sulfur-containing vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc) and 3 cups of highly-colored fruits and vegetables every day. She also added fish for essential oils and seaweed for iodine. The combination of these changes enabled her to go from wheelchair bound to bike riding longer distances in 9 months.