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aetherea products

Briefly, aetherea's products are energetically similar to homeopathic products. However, the starting materials are usually not physical - plants, minerals, etc. - though physical materials can be used.

The aetheric process is based on resonance. This takes place on three levels: between the formative forces and the physical, within the instruments that we use to create our products, and with the materials used in, and the process of, potentization.

The specifics of the aetheric process are proprietary, but we can describe the process in general terms. Our starting materials are based on an information-dense encoding of of the desired product. The code for a single product can exceed 1Gb in size. This is equivalent to more than 300 average Kindle e-books. It appears that this amount of information is necessary to fully describe the product on all levels necessary for the exceedingly high level of effectiveness we demand of it.

The code is then rendered into a format that is readable by an instrument that is constructed of metastable highly-coherent materials; think of the difference between a light bulb and a powerful laser. The former is incoherent, the latter highly coherent. These materials vibrate at a very high rate, enabling the transmission of the information field into a standard aqueous alcohol solution. After a specified period of time, the solution is hand-vortexed, instead of succussed, which brings the product into a very high state of completion. Hand-vortexing was described by Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900s. In experiments that his students conducted, they found that products made by vortexing were gentler and worked more deeply than a succussed product.

There is no electricity or magnetism employed in the aetheric process. Besides the 60Hz signal, the electricity in use in the United States is a carrier for a very large number of high frequency components that are extremely incoherent, commonly called 'Dirty electricity'. Highly incoherent energy directly impacts any product it comes into contact with. Because common electricity is so highly incoherent, it interferes with the dynamization process. Imagine a newly born life being brought into an extremely noisy train station and you will have a visceral understanding of the issue.

The aetheric process enables the creation of products that are of the highest possible quality, 100% consistent from batch to batch and are a great value.

Our customers are finding that these products act very deeply, but with a gentleness and subtlety not seen in products created by machine, which is the homeopathic industry standard.

Homeopathy and aetherea

In the United States, Homeopathy is a strictly defined term. The definition of the processes as well as the starting materials are determined by the Homeopathic Pharmacopea of the United States (HPUS)

The HPUS limits the term homeopathy to products that begin with physical materials and are potentized using the dilution (or trituration) and succussion method. The homeopathic potentizing process removes unwanted or unnecessary physical material to arrive at the energy signature of the original substance.

aetherea's products are not sensitive to dietary intake - coffee, mint, essential oils, etc.