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Tune-Up! Kidney

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Recharge your 'batteries'!
Special Instructions 

Manage Stress with Lustrous Energy!

Kidneys support our lifestyle.

Conversely, our lifestyle supports the health of our kidneys … and their power.

The “power” of kidneys you say! Kidneys seem like such a nice passive organ, filtering out wastes and toxins from the water we consume.

But…on the contrary. Kidneys are a storehouse of energy for our body; they’re at the root of energy we need. We demand much energy from them, consciously or unconsciously. Our demands are casual, relentless, and ongoing.

If we’re not hydrating ourselves with appropriate amounts of water, if we’re not caring for ourselves with good nutrition, exercise, and regular sleep, chances are we ask our kidneys more than they can give. But like affectionate parents, they keep on giving what we ask of them.

In these strange days and in this taxing century, with all the toxins and traumas we experience, our pace of life has only increased. And with it, our demands for energy also: aches and pains, emotional distress, anxiety, buckets of coffee.

Consider the kidneys as hydro-electric power plants, the power of water generating energy.

Kidneys not only filter the water we consume, they structure it in a form that is used everywhere in our body. Hydrated, our kidneys do this by infusing the water with an electric charge: the power of water generating energy.

A powerhouse of energy, kidneys enliven every cell and space between them with what’s known as “structured water”. If their power is diminished, our whole body suffers. Kidneys can “dry out” from all the demands we make on them.

aetherea is proud to offer another on its long list of popular energetics: Tune-Up! Kidney. Formulated to nourish the kidneys, Tune-Up! Kidney informs them as to their true power. As a bio-energetic, it corrects the years excessive demands have made on them.

Tune-Up! Kidney replenishes the kidneys with the root power they’re meant to have. Traditional Chinese Medicine has its own word for this type of Kidney energy: “Jing,” meaning Essence.

These days we all have so much to do! Balancing, finding new solutions, new options, keeping ourselves healthy and energized naturally. Fighting fatigue with buckets of coffee is a losing proposition. We have become used to constant stimulation. We’ve forgotten what genuine energy feels like. Let’s remember it!

With Tune-Up! Kidney, we claim (and enjoy!) an ability to manage appropriate levels of stress with natural, lustrous energy.

Suggested Usage

Can be taken regularly for extended periods of time.

Works great when combined with Tune-Up! Restore and can be taken together.

Tune-Up! Kidney is composed of the following information imprints:

  • Amethyst - Enhances the formula. Nourishing. (6-10,14-10,18-10)
  • Blue tiger eye - Deeply restorative (6-10,14-10,18-10)
  • Snowflake obsidian - Tonifying for the kidneys, deep kidney resonance, Warming. (Null, 9-10,20-10)
  • Chrysoberyl - Clarifies spiritual vision, brings energy to the kidneys, fosters a wider perspective (5-10,12-10)
  • Pink Andean opal - Brings warmth to the kidneys, energizing, hydrating, nourishing (10-10,12-10)
  • Kidney-Environmental stress (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Kidney-Emotional factors (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Kidney-Norm&NTFM (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Kidney-Functional stress (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Kidney-Coord.w/ (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Kidney-Psycho. Factors (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Adrenal gl. Restore after depletion (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Adrenal gl. Functional stress (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Adrenal gl. Coord w/Kidney (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Atmic body-Enviro. Stress (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Emotional stress factors (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)

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