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Tune-Up! Brain

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Foggy head, lack of clarity in your thinking, cloudy mind? Tune-Up! Brain might help disperse the fog and establish clarity.
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Claim and Enjoy Clear Thinking

Most of us take our brain for granted. We wake up and know who we are: we walk, breathe, talk. But at some point we may experience "brain fog" muddled thinking that causes confusion. Like driving in fog "visibility" is poor, and direction is unclear. "Visibility" has been lost due to a deficiency of light.

Light dispels fog in both nature and in our brain.

We're likely to associate light with Vitamin D, but research in the last 10 years has shown that sunlight is much more important than that. Light powers our brain to communicate with the rest of the body. Light is the fuel that powers our amazing body.

But what causes us to experience brain fog? What interferes with our natural ability to process light's energies?

Among the glaring culprits: Age, stress and an accumulation of debris in the brain. Over time, our brain accumulates mental sludge and bits of distorted information, and these fog up our thinking.

If nothing is done, the fog grows denser. Light cannot reach the necessary places in our brain. Light's pathways, cloud up; our cells have a difficult time energizing our brain.

aetherea offers one of its most popular energetics: Tune-Up! Brain, the product that helps eliminate brain fog and cloudy thinking.

Tune-Up! Brain:

  • helps clear the mind and restore our brain to its fully light-informed state
  • clears the pathways for light to send its energies to our body
  • allows a free communication of light throughout our body
  • works to help the brain eliminate debris more efficiently

Like all our products, Tune-Up! Brain is not chemistry-based. Rather it is formulated as a bioenergetic, meant to provide particular information our cells might have lost over time.

Tune-Up! Brain helps reset the balance in our cells, sending much needed information deep within them. Our cells remember. Our cells remember what they forgot: here, their ability to fully transmit light, the solar light that informs our being.

Restore clear thinking! Set your intention to maximize what you've been given: the power of your cells to use the power of the sun.

Like all in nature, we claim (and enjoy!) our dynamic balance: The complex wonder of what life on earth is, grounded in light.

Tune-Up! Brain is composed of the following bioenergetic products:

  • ANS-Norm
  • Brain-Microglia-Norm
  • Brain-Coordination w/nervous system
  • Brain-Whole-Balancing&Toning
  • Glymphatic system-Norm
  • Nervous system - Norm
  • Light communications - Opt
  • Mitochondrial biophotons - Opt
  • Connective tissue-Collagen-Restore
  • Ametrine
  • Black tourmaline
  • Jade, green

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