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Tune-Up! Adr-crt

Code: HDYN0190  
Tune-Up! Adr-crt helps restore balance to the adrenal glands.
Special Instructions 

Look Up, Relax and Unwind

Being alive in the 21st Century with constant exposure to a very wide variety of chemical pollutants: nnEMF (non-native ElectroMagnetic Frequencies), smart phones, computer usage to name a few, is overstimulating, creating a constant sub-state of fight/flight responses.

For more information - check out the video!

Tune-Up! Adrenal-cortisol is composed of the following information imprints:

Q1, 1-10:

  • Adrenagl - Balance
  • Cortisol - Balance
  • Adrenagl - Restore after depletion
  • Adrenagl - Functional stress
  • Adrenagl - Coordination with Kidney
Tune-Up! Adrenal-cortisol can be taken multiple times per day to help settle overactive stress responses. 

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