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Tune-Up! Vision

Tune-Up! Vision

Code: HDYN0115  
Tune-Up! Vision is one of aetherea's Graceful Aging products. Fading vision is a normal part of life for most people. The challenge of modern lifestyles, especially computer usage, accelerates that process in an untimely fashion.

Special Instructions 
Our eyes were not designed to focus on computer screens - vision fixed in one plane for hours at a time. Add in the 'refresh rate' - the frequency that a computer screen uses to establish an apparently unmoving image like these words that you are reading - poor lighting and a host of other issues we face with indoor lifestyles and our eyes will understandably begin to show signs of stress and fatigue. The products in Tune-Up! Vision are designed to address these issues and more.

TuneUp! Vision is composed of the following information imprints:

(2-10 to 200-100):
Calcarflu (common name Calcarea fluorica)
Caust (common name Causticum)
Cineramar (common name Cineraria maritima)
Euphraoff (common name Euphrasia officinalis)
Visual system - Normalize

(6-10 to 200-100):
Azurite - Strengthens vision
Blue lace agate - Helps with eyestrain, breaks up congestion, helps improves circulation
Golden topaz
Optical-grade quartz

In Null potency:
Retino - Aid in the process of assimilating Vitamin A
Simple effective exercises that can be done as a break from your day:

A video version of the above:

Here is a useful book that goes into much more detail, but not an overwhelming amount:

And a link to what many consider to be the authoritative source on natural eye improvement, the Bates Method: