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Tune-Up! Vision

Code: HDYN0115  
Tune-Up! Vision is one of aetherea's Graceful Aging products. Fading vision is a normal part of life for most people. The challenge of modern lifestyles, especially computer usage, accelerates that process in an untimely fashion.
Special Instructions 

Clear and Bright: See the World as You are Meant to See It!

We start clear and bright, our young eyes take in the world in all its variety, appreciating it in all its beauty.

“Drink to me only with thine eyes,” the poet Ben Johnson wrote, “and I will pledge with mine.” Our eyes serve us well – literally, and also in matters of spirit.

The importance and power of the eyes are evident in everything we do. It’s only when their power starts to dim that we realize HOW important they are.

As we age, our eyes get tired; sometimes we feel as if we see through a glass, darkly.

Our constant exposure to computer screens, smartphones, TV monitors is an additional challenge peculiar to our century. Images that appear stable are not. They are in fact constantly moving, something we’re not conscious of but which our eyes certainly feel.

We experience eye strain, blurry vision, loss of clarity and detail.

Is it possible to take advantage of the best that age offers us – the perspective that comes with experience - and still claim a sharp and youthful vision?

Tune-Up! Vision is a product specifically formulated for tired eyes. Tune-Up! Vision is designed to support their graceful aging.

As with all aetherea products, Tune-Up! Vision provides the body with information it needs to tap into its original strength and potency. Tune-Up! Vision allows us access to the clarity we started with when we were equal to the task of seeing the world in all its loveliness.

To accomplish this task, Tune-Up! Vision starts with a crystalline base. Blue lace agate helps breakup congestion and aids with eyestrain. Golden topaz soothes and supports the optic nerve. Azurite brings a vibrancy and a sparkle to our eyes, helping them relax. Quartz is the great harmonizer among all crystals, making sure to provide the spark that reignites the dimming of vision.

Tune-Up! Vision reignites the dimming of vision!

Another crucial component for healthy eyes is blood flow: it brings oxygen and nutrients to our eyes, supporting healthy circulation. Tune-Up! Vision also includes Retinol to aid in the process of assimilating Vitamin A, also crucial for vision.

The aging process is long and slow, and not something that can be corrected quickly. The gentle strengthening influence that Tune-Up! Vision provides helps to slow the process down.

Your eyes don’t need to be tired. Your vision will see the world as we are meant to see it - clear and bright, night and day, close and far, with patterns and outlines and details...

Start now to promote good eye-health as you age... Tune-Up! Vision for self-reliance, independence and joy!

Tune-Up! Vision is composed of the following bioenegetic imprints:

The December 2022 update includes:

  • Visual system - Congestion
  • Visual system - Coordination with etheric body
  • Visual system - Coordination with muscular system
  • Visual system - Functional stress
  • Visual system - Environmental stress
  • Visual system - Norm

  • Eye Balance
  • Causti (Common name - Causticum)
  • Calcarflu (Common name - Calcarea fluorica)
  • Cineramar (Common name - Cineraria maritima)
  • Euphraoff (Common name - Euphrasia officinalis)
  • Blue lace agate
  • Azurite
  • Quartz, optical grade
  • Topaz, golden

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