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Tune-Up! EMF+

Tune-Up! EMF+

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Learn to relax and get tight. Sounds paradoxical, but that's one of the great secrets of managing health in the 21st Century. Tune-Up! EMF+ helps with EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and pesticide exposure.
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Long gone are the days when the main worry about radiation was with people who flew the skies, the "frequent flyers," the pilots, airline stewards, the ones flying too often and too near the sun. Long gone are the days when our electromagnetic field was natural, and came from the earth and the sun.

How benign and quaint this seems now! The natural environment of the 21st Century is totally different. The worry about electromagnetic radiation is more concerning today because our present world is saturated in electromagnetic fields that are "non-native." Instead of emanating from the sun and the earth, they are man-made. Consider the radio, TV, cell phones -- the blanketing of living spaces with smart appliances and 5G, encircling the earth and present in our homes.

Man-made, non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF's) penetrate our body. As waves, they create a dissonance in our energy field. nnEMF's are an intrusive agitation. Their noise pushes energy from our core to the periphery, holding it there, particularly in the brain. nnEMF's force a loosening of our blood/brain barrier. It becomes a vicious circle.

Hardly the music of the spheres.

While our brain writhes under this first punch, the constant assault from nnEMF's, our gut contends with a second punch of its own: the chemicals of the 21st century.

Chemical pollution is the other all-pervasive altering of our environment. Glyphosate and all newer versions of pesticides are unrelenting in their interference with our natural body.

Found everywhere from Mother's milk to the Himalayas, from the Arctic to our backyard, pesticides penetrate our body and create weaknesses - specifically, breaching the tight junctions of the gut. Our intestinal wall, the normally flexible, aware body of cells that guard nutrients and prevent toxins, is compromised. We experience a leaky gut and all that might accompany it - bloating, brain fog, headache.

aetherea is pleased to showcase one of its most effective products, Tune-Up! EMF+. EMF+ protects the integrity of both our blood/brain barrier and our intestinal wall. Designed to help address the agitation we experience in our energy fields, EMF+ quiets the internal "noise" caused by continuous exposure to the intruders. It turns down the volume, the static, the excess nervous energy. EMF+ speaks to the dissonance created by non-native electromagnetic radiation as well as by the chemicals in contention.

With Tune-Up! EMF+, we reclaim and enjoy! the energy in our body that is no longer dispersed. With deeply restorative harmonies re-creating the health we're here to enjoy, we think clearly and digest properly. Our energy is returned to the center of our being.

(Formerly called EM-Destress) 

Tune-Up! EMF+ is composed of the following information imprints:

  • Agate-Blue lace - Tonifies fundamental energy - the body's 'batteries', protects against EMF, brings a sense of renewal (6-10)
  • Zoisite  - Tonifies fundamental energy, deeply restorative (1-10)
  • Quartz - Rutilated, titanium - Harmonizes the formula, protects against EMF (1-10)
Neutralize inimical influences of electromagnetic and subtle energies (6-10)
Neutralize inimical influences of endogenous electromagnetic and subtle energies (6-10)
Etheric Body - Hypersensitivity (6-10)
Blood-brain barrier - Norm (6-10)
Intestinal epithelium, tight junction - Norm (6-10)