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Tune-Up! Resilience

Tune-Up! Resilience

Code: HDYN0175  
Special Instructions 
Formerly called "Recovery"

Tune-Up! Resilience is one of our premier products. It is composed of 5 crystals, which are listed  on the composition page. It has an immediate significant calming and centering effect. This effect deepens with regular usage. The powerful centering energy of the crystal imprints helps anchor disruptive energy, that can be felt as anxiety, nervousness and irritation, into the 'batteries' of the body. Over time it can help with managing the difficult circumstances we all face, enabling a more resilient approach to Life.

Tune-Up! Resilience is composed of the following:

Blue lace agate Q1 
Calming and relaxing, helps to bring a sense of renewal

Amazonite Q1 
Helps manage frustrations, strengthens willpower, overcoming obstacles

Lapis lazuli Q1 
Emotional distress, irritability, restlessness, anxiety

Moonstone Q1 
Calms the 'Shen', agitation, anxiety, irritability

Smoky quartz Q1
Harmonizes the formula, particularly good for 'Kidney' energy

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