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Tune-Up! Relax

Tune-Up! Relax

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Looking for a way to unwind from the day? Or starting out the day just right? Tune-Up! Relax will do the trick.
Special Instructions 

Regain Composure in Health

Our body profoundly needs to relax in order to carry on the inner imperatives of our health. This has not been easy to do.

A relaxed state of being makes possible the smooth operation of our interconnected systems, but we're bombarded all the time by stressors we don't see. All the time: electromagnetic fields, environmental pollution, the ever-present blue light from all our electronic devices.

And just because we don't "see" these stressors doesn't mean our body isn't continually registering them.

Then there was 2020. For most of us — all of us? — the health crisis has meant lockdowns and separations, high risk in daily tasks, the confusion of some government directives (bleach, anyone?) — the grief of loss.

What chance does our body have to maintain its balance, to remember its genius in preserving its health? A slim chance. We're thrown off balance.

We're poised to "fight or fly" on the moment. The stress on our nervous system becomes a stranglehold. Our natural safeguard, the ability to turn off the "fight or fly" response, does not function adequately. Our body forgets how to do that, how to relax.

aetherea is pleased to introduce one of its stellar energetics: Tune-Up! Relax, the product that reintroduces the idea of balance in the body to the body. The body remembers gradually, and regains its composure in health.

Like all our products, Tune-Up! Relax is not chemistry-based. Rather it is formulated as a bio-energetic, meant to provide information deep within our cells. Our cells remember to communicate to the rest of our body to let go of the toxicity of too much stress — to get off the perch of physical distress that so affects the rest of us emotionally and mentally — and to claim (and enjoy!) a full spectrum of health.

Suggested Usage

Can be taken once per day for 1-2 weeks, then 1-2 times per week afterwards. Many people like taking it at the end of their day. Works very well with Tune-Up! Sleepy.

Tune-Up! Relax is composed of the following aetheric information imprints:

  • Hypoth - Norm - (3-10,6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Pituit - Norm - (6-10,7-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Adrena (Whole) - Norm (6-10,9-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Amygda, anterior - Norm - (5-10,6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Vagus - Norm - (4-10,6-10,18-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Pinealgla - Norm - (6-10,10-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Functional stress - (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Prolonged stress - (6-10,17-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • ANS - Functional stress - (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Endocrine system, Functional stress - (6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Amethyst - Calming, strengthens heart and throat chakras, helps release sadness and improving spiritual clarity - (4-10,6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Amazonite - Nourishing, calming, soothing - (2-10,6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Meteorite - Settles the emotions, deeply restorative, aids in discovery of our evolutionary path, strengthens crown chakra (6-10,16-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)
  • Chrysocolla - Helps recharge our body's 'batteries', calms the mind and the nervous system, harmonizes emotions, helpful for meditation (6-10,13-10,3-100,9-100,30-100)

Reset the Vagus Nerve

Several methods have been developed to help reset the 'Vagus nerve', one of the methods we have found helpful was developed by Sukie Baxter. Sukie presents six simple forms to help release tension built up in the vagus nerve. Each form takes 30 seconds and are easily integrated into your day.

We also recommend reading 15 Ways To Create Vagal Regulation At Home by the Brain Harmony that lists 15 ways you can help activate your vagus nerve.

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