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Tune-Up! Lymph

Code: HDYN0270  
Allows the body to recover what it might have lost with repeated everyday stresses and blockages. Designed to tone the lymphatic system to what it needs to be, tuned to drain debris and regenerate.
Special Instructions 

Refresh, Energize and Keep Prime your Body’s Ability to Drain Debris

We’re living longer lives…how exciting! But we cannot simply accept such years passively. We must do our part to make these additional years good ones – worth living!

So we’re eager to know everything we can on how to sustain optimal health. We are eager for a quality of life for however many years life offers us.

The lymph system has caught much attention these days for its surprising role in maintaining the health of our body. And our brain.

As the garbage collector, the lymphatic system gathers debris from the body, recognizes it as trash and turns it into lymph.

If it doesn’t succeed in taking out the trash, as it were, we may experience fatigue, muscle soreness, and a host of recurring discomforts to our health.

The lymphatic system scans the entire body. In the lower body, the lymph is given a one-way exit up and out. A one-way exit, moving up in the lower part of the body, without a pump to regulate it, defying gravity!

A passive pump in the lower body, it relies on movement. This worked even a century ago, when we were active most of the day. These days, not so much.

The upper part of the body has lymph moving towards the heart. It has lymph nodes in the armpits as well as ones that move out of the brain. But all lymph flow depends on movement, and it mustn’t slow down.

The importance of giving this lymph a clear pathway can’t be overstated. When congested, the lymph piles up – much as if it’s stuck in traffic, unable to continue its journey. Blocked lymph nodes swell and the backup affects every organ and tissue in the body.

With the addition of years, our body’s codes need to be refreshed, energized, and kept prime.

The great care and science that aetherea prides itself in all its information-based products is presented here with Tune-Up! Lymph.

Tune-Up! Lymph allows the body to recover what it might have lost with repeated everyday stresses and blockages. Tune-Up! Lymph is designed to tone the lymphatic system to what it needs to be, tuned to drain debris and regenerate.

Suggested Usage

We recommend it be taken daily. And if you miss a day, be sure to take it on Saturday. It gets an extra 'cosmic' boost on that day.

Tune-Up! Lymph works particularly well when combined with Red root (Ceanothus americana) tincture and some type of lymphatic massage like skin brushing and/or rebounding.


We recommend it be taken daily, and more frequently if you're feeling under the weather. 

Tune-Up! Lymph is composed of the following information imprints:

MALT - Norm

GALT - Norm

Lymphatic system - Norm

GI tract - coordination with Lymph

Lymph, coordination with Kidneys and Etheric body

Lymph, congestion

Lymph, drainage

Lymph, environmental stress

(6-10, 3-100, 9-100, 30-100, 200-100, 1-Kb, 10-Kb)

Ceanotame - 1-10 (Common name - Ceanothus americana)
Thymus gland - Norm - 6-10

Ametrine - 1-10 - Brings energy to the spleen, supports the thymus and lymphatic system. Tonifies Qi and nourishes Blood.
Agate, dendritic - 1-10 - Breaks up phlegm stasis, mucous congestion, confused thinking, poor concentration
Pumice - 1-10 - Lymphatic congestion
Prehnite - 1-10 - Qi stagnation, fatty accumulations, lymphatic accumulations, food stagnation
Aquamarine - 1-10 - Nourishes yin, addresses phlegm accumulation, nourishes the fluids of the body

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