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Tune-Up! Jet Lag

Code: HDYN0166  
Tune-Up! Jet Lag is designed to help with issues associated with high speed travel.
Type: : Anatomical
Family: : TuneUp!
Function: : Normalize
Special Instructions 

Get It All Back Together After the Long Trip

Jet Lag is such a perfect description of what happens to us when we travel at high speeds! We feel exactly like a part of us is lagging and left behind in whatever place...

Why does this happen?

Our physical body is surrounded by energy - fields of energy. These fields are unique to each of us and are known as our "biofield".

The biofield we possess – that field of layers that surrounds our body and informs our being – knows to keep our energies together and in sync. But we are multi-dimensional beings, and something does happen when we travel quickly over space in time.

That something causes our sense of dislocation.

Our biofield consists of subtle bodies. These interact energetically with each other to inform our unique self. Subtle science research finds that two of these bodies are particularly affected by high-speed travel: the etheric body and the atmic body.

The etheric is the personal architect of our physical body: that which makes a person individual and like no other. The atmic body is the planetary body. It’s how we know where we’re at and where we live. These “bodies” have exotic sounding names. Yet when these two – the etheric and the atmic body - get out of whack, they can have a dramatic impact on how we feel.

The goal is to slow the separation of the etheric and the atmic, and to help these bodies return into phase more quickly. The goal is to reduce the sense of dislocation we feel after traveling long distances, especially when we cross multiple time zones.

The governing vessel is another layer in our subtle body that reacts to high-speed travel. The governing vessel controls the energy flows in our body. It energizes our brain and our nervous system. With it too thrown off track, our sense of disorientation is complete.

Jet Lag thus strikes three blows to our body’s equilibrium. It separates the etheric body, the atmic body and the governing vessel from each other, knocking them out of sync. We lose our orientation of time and place. Our digestive fire is dimmed, and our sense of time is dulled.

aetherea offers a wonderful solution in the unique formulation of Tune-Up! Jet Lag!

Tune-Up! Jet Lag is designed to maintain the relationship between the subtle bodies and our physical body. Helping them be in sync again when we arrive at our destination.

Let’s look into what specific components make Tune-Up! Jet Lag so effective for the traveler!

A set of crystals provide the ingredients imprinted here:

  • Blue lace agate calms the mind and anchors energy back to the center
  • Hematite helps improve circulation, anchors us in our new location, and nourishes the spirit
  • Smoky quartz harmonizes the formula and our energy levels
  • Selenite enhances the effects of the governing vessel component. It also clears the blood of subtle energy toxins
  • Zircon grounds us in our new location

In our aetheric base, we directly address the etheric and atmic bodies as well as the governing vessel, providing the signals our body is looking for to bring itself back to place, and back to normal. Fear of Flying is no more!

Tune-Up! Jet Lag contains the following information imprints:

  • Etheric body - Time-based cycles and functions 6-10,9-10,3-100,9-100,30-100,100-100,200-100
  • Atmic Body - Time-based cycles and functions 6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100,100-100,1-Kb
  • Governing vessel - Coordination with endocrine system 6-10,7-10,3-100,9-100,30-100,100-100,200-100
  • Blue lace agate 6-10,16-10
  • Hematite 6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100
  • Smoky quartz 6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100
  • Selenite 10-10
  • Zircon 6-10,19-10

These components might sound exotic, and to an extent they are, but, in a very practical sense, they have very noticeable effects on the way we feel.

Here are some general guidelines for using Jet Lag:

For trips over one or two time zones:
  • Take once shortly before leaving
  • Take once upon arrival
  • If you feel groggy, take one or two more times
For trips over 3-5 time zones
  • Take once shortly before leaving
  • Take once around the middle of the trip
  • Take once upon arrival
  • If you feel groggy, take 1-4 more times ~48 hours after arrival
For longer trips
  • Take once shortly before leaving
  • Take once a few hours into the trip 
  • Take once after ~8 hours
  • Take once upon arrival
  • If you feel groggy, take several more times up to 72 hours after arrival