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Tune-Up! GI Tract

Tune-Up! GI Tract

Code: HDYN0200  

Special Instructions 

Our digestive system is an information processing highway. It has to take the foods that we eat and alchemically transform them into our bodies. Selecting foods that do not serve this process well can create traffic jams on the highway. The normal process of aging can create potholes and slow down normal upkeep. Tune-Up! GI Tract breaks out the road repair crews to keep your information highway clear and traffic moving.

Suggested usage - can be taken daily for extended periods of time.

Tune-Up! GI is composed of the following information imprints:

  • GI - Norm 
  • Gut-associated lymphoid tissue - Norm
  • Enteric-nervous system - Norm
  • Jasper - Yellow - Breaks up old phlegm, food stagnation, strengthens spleen energetics
  • Pink opal - Strengthens spleen energetics, improves digestion of carbohydrates
  • Prehnite - Breaks up food stagnation, indigestion, helps metabolize fats
  • Optical grade quartz - Harmonizes the formula

Values of all the above are: 6-10,3-100,9-100,30-100, 200-100