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Seasonal - Spring/Summer

Seasonal - Spring/Summer

Code: HDYN0008  

Helps to manage our interaction with pollens, weeds and grasses.

Type : Environmental
Family : Seasonal
Function : Seasonal health
Custom Value 
Q Value (1-150) 
Special Instructions 

Spring Summer contains the following components. The trees contain their pollens.

In 6x, 3c, 9c, 30c potency:

Betula mix
Cedrus mix
Celtis australis
Fraxinus americana
Juglans nigra
Juniperus mix
Morus mix
Picea mix
Pinus mix
Populus sect Aigeiros
Quercus mix
Ulmaceae mix

Weeds, Plants, Grasses:
Ambrosia mix
Artemisia biennis
Brassica mix
Dactylis glomerata
Festuca mix
Lolium perennis
Phelum pratense
Toxicodendron rydbergii
Zea mays

Dust - multisample
Molds - multisample
Dander - multisample
Sulfuricum acidum