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Seasonal - Spring/Summer

Code: HDYN0008  

Type : Environmental
Family : Seasonal
Function : Seasonal health
Custom Value 
Q Value (1-150) 
Special Instructions 
Spring Summer contains the following components. The trees contain their pollens.

In 6x, 3c, 9c, 30c potency:

Betula mix
Cedrus mix
Celtis australis
Fraxinus americana
Juglans nigra
Juniperus mix
Morus mix
Picea mix
Pinus mix
Populus sect Aigeiros
Quercus mix
Ulmaceae mix

Weeds, Plants, Grasses
Ambrosia mix
Artemisia biennis
Brassica mix
Dactylis glomerata
Festuca mix
Lolium perennis
Phelum pratense
Toxicodendron rydbergii
Zea mays

Dust - multisample
Molds - multisample
Dander - multisample
Sulfuricum acidum