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Root chakra - Optimize

Code: HDYN0384  

Return energy back to the Root.

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Q Value (1-150) 
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Root chakra - Optimize is a formula designed to help re-root our energies, returning them to the source within our bodies so that we can be replenished by them.

In our everyday lives, our root or base energies are taken up from their location deep within our 'kidneys', in quotes because our physical kidneys act as a container for these primarily non-physical energies, and used by our body and spirit to enable us to do the things we need and want to do in our lives.

In days before the modern era, there was time allotted to rest. Resting is what helps naturally restore these root energies. Unfortunately, time for resting has been vaporizing, particularly if we maintain 24/7 contact with 21st century technologies.

Vaporization is accelerated if we habitually use stimulants to get through the day. Coffee, tea and energy drinks directly tap into the root energies stored in our kidneys. The energy we feel from these drinks is the feeling of energy moving up and out from our body. If energy is not allowed to return to the root, we do not recover from our day, building up an energy deficit that becomes a downward spiral that impacts all aspects of our being.

Root Chakra Optimize gathers these dispersed energies and guides them back to the root. Once re-rooted, they can begin the job of replenishing our body and spirit. 

When the day’s gotten me wound up and I have trouble falling asleep, I use !RELAX, which is wonderful! Recently though I found myself awake in the middle of the night … when it’s too late to reach out to anybody, and too early to get out of bed. I need a “booster” to fall asleep again. The kind aetherea people suggested I use “Root Chakra Optimize.” It works straight away! No more hours trapped in thoughts. Root Chakra works like a charm. Now I’m not worried that I’ll find myself awake in the middle of the night. All I have to do is reach for it in the dark and spray. Easy sleeping, waking up without grogginess, just ready for the day! Thank you! Nicole Bergstrom, Maryland, US

Base chakra optimize is composed of the following information imprints:

Base chakra - Opt
Red garnet
Optical grade quartz

All components in values 6-10, 3-100, 9-100, 30-100, 200-100, 1-Kb, 10-Kb, 30-Kb, 50-Kb, 100-Kb

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