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Quartz - Rose

Code: GCME 02245  

Gentle Warmth

Helps warm those who are emotionally cool or cold. Supports those who feel helpless. Helps us to learn to forgive. A well-balanced stone—it’s hard (a 7 on the Mohs scale) and that’s balanced by the softness of its color.

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Gently Warming

Heart, Liver, Stomach

+ Protective while we open more deeply to our softer side, to listen to our heart’s calling.
+ Helpful for building confidence

Flavor does not refer to the actual taste of the crystal but to one of its properties. Sweet is expansive and nourishing. Spicy is energetic, uplifting and stimulating. Bitter brings energy downwards and helps detoxify. Sour tightens things up (think of sucking on a lemon). Salty consolidates.

Energetics of various organs are the properties that define what each does. In terms of moving/releasing/creating energy, the liver brings energy upwards. The heart circulates energy. The spleen harmonizes energy. The lungs bring energy downwards. The kidneys embrace energy.

Chemical Formula: SiO2, can include Al, Fe, traces of Ti, Mn