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Code: HDYN0057  
Reaches deeply to reset the impulse for appropriate rest.
Custom Value 
Q Value (1-150) 
Special Instructions 

Exhaustion is a combination designed to aid in recovery. It initially works by helping your body give you the signals you need to rest. Once you are resting, it helps to deepen the recovery from over-doing. Resting is a requirement for Exhaustion to work. If you cannot rest, it will not overcome overdoing. No product can. In our over-caffeinated society, our expectations for what we can and cannot do have become a bit warped. Exhaustion can help you remember that signal that says rest, and then amplify the process.

Suggested usage is to take 5 sweet dots or two sprays at a time that you can rest. Frequent repetition is typically not necessary.

Exhaustion is composed of the following products:

All products are in the following values:
30-100, 200-100, 1-Kb, 10-Kb, 30-Kb, 100-Kb

  • Arnicamon
  • Bellisper
  • Quercurob
  • Rutagra
In addition, Exhaustion also includes:

  • Hornbeam flower essence - Null