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EEG study with homeopathic remedies

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Vol. 18 Issue 5: May 17, 2012:

A placebo-controlled study performed by Iris R. Bell, MD, PhD, Amy Howerter PhD, Nicholas Jackson, MPH, Audrey J. Brooks, PhD and Gary Schwartz, PhD showed significant changes in EEG readings on 97 subjects. The subjects of the study were screened for homeopathic 'constitutional' typing - Sulfur and Pulsatilla. 6,12 and 30c potencies and placebo were used, one per week, over a 3 week period. The remedies were olfactorally delivered. EEG cordance was the technique used to measure the changes.

Abstract and full article available in the link below:

Multiweek Resting EEG Cordance Change Patterns from Repeated Olfactory Activation with Two Constitutionally Salient Homeopathic Remedies in Healthy Young Adults