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Tune-Up! Daily Resilience

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Ride the ever changing waves, sailing through adversity
Special Instructions 

Learn to Bend not Break with the Winds of Change

Tune-Up! Daily Resilience is one of our premier products.

It is the first product we have made that is designed to be taken daily, or multiple times per day.

It is designed to help us adjust to what seems like a constant barrage of stressors.

Constant stress like this wears down our body's ability to recover.

Like a worn out spring, we lose the ability to bounce back.

The great changes we are undergoing can make us feel 'unsprung'.

Daily Resilience seeks to change this situation.

It has an immediate, significant, calming and centering effect. This effect deepens with regular usage.

It can be taken daily, hourly or even every 5 minutes. As needed.

Over time it can help with managing the difficult circumstances we all face, enabling a more resilient approach to Life.

Turning adversity into Strength.



There are two options available: a low chord and a micro chord. If you aren't sure, we recommend the low chord. The micro chord was the original version. It is 'softer' and a bit more gentle than the low chord. 


Take at least once daily. If you're feeling under stress, or have had a smaller or larger traumatic event, take it more frequently, up to every 5 minutes, until you feel more composed and centered. 

Tune-Up! Daily Resilience is the first formula we've made that is centered on flower essences. We have found these particular flowers helpful for releasing trauma, immediate and long-term, restoring a sense of emotional balance and helping to calm and center our hearts and minds.

Agrimony - Helps calm an oversensitive reaction to the world's everchanging events, helps release tension and anxiety

Aspen - Look into the future with greater confidence and inner peace

Cherry Plum - Helps bring serenity and equanimity to our outlook on life

Clematis- Helps us stay in the here and now

Impatiens - Facilitates a patient and calm outlook, helps us let go of daily irritations and frustrations.

Mimulus - Helps release fear that can grip our souls

Rock Rose - Helps us find the strength within, overcoming life's challenges

Star of Bethlehem - Helps us find the light within, to find the way through the darkest of times

We then move into the body of the formula. These components provide our bodies with the information they need to remember how to let go of the constant assault on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integrity.

The tension components below help our bodies release tension that is stored in the specific area being addressed. The stress components provide information that helps the area being addressed build resilience.

 Photo by Jonny Lew:

Amethyst has a balancing effect on our emotions, strengthens our immune system, manages exposure to electromagnetic fields, helps heal wounds of all types, including emotional wounds.

Muscular tension

Central nervous system - Tension

Nervous system - Functional stress

Muscular system - Functional stress

Vagus nerve - Functional stress - This long nerve wanders (vagus) through our body. It is responsible for resetting our stress response, helping us restore a calm center.

Limbic system - Functional stress - The Limbic system is the area of our brain where memories and emotions are processed, particularly fear and happiness. When functioning properly, it stabilizes emotional responses.

Pineal gland - Functional stress

Pituitary gland - Functional stress

Sensorium - Functional stress - Our senses connect to various areas in our brains, this helps restore the integrity of those systems.

All chakras - Stress

All meridians - Stress - Meridians, identified in Classical Chinese Medicine, connect the flows of subtle energies in our bodies with the flows of bioelectricity. Stress distorts the integrity of our body's meridians.

Astral body - Stress - This is where our emotions are stored, particularly the ones that get stuck.

Etheric body Pre-physical body - Stress - This is where tissue rebuilding instructions originate.

All components are in Q1, Null and 1-10 values

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