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Chakras - All

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Provide balance to all of the chakras.

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Chakras - All brings a balancing influence to all of our bodies chakras, establishing greater harmony between them.


Chakras - All is a bioenergetic product. We use the term bioenergetic because it is not created from physical substance the way that, for example, a homeopathic product is. The world that we know with our five senses is organized by something called morphogenetic fields, morpho-fields for short; fields that determine the way a flower, a bird or a human unfolds and develops. 

Morpho-fields are formed by Nature over aeons of time; they can be considered habits of Nature. Humans also create morpho-fields. When we feel something, especially when we respond to something by habit, when we think of something, particularly if the thoughts are repetitive, we create morpho-fields. 

Humans somewhat consciously create morpho-fields when we work on the design of something, whether it is a piece of art, a new recipe, an airplane, or a blessing. The more we concentrate on our creation, the stronger the morpho-field grows and the longer it lasts. When others join in the creation of whatever we are working on, it grows stronger and acquires greater permanence; it can be said to have a 'life of its own'. 

Nature's morpho-fields and the ones that humans create are accessible by various means. If you imagine an immense library, one that contains all of Nature's 'thoughts' as well as all human thoughts, you will have a good idea of what morpho-fields are about. 

The library is accessible by various means. Physically, we can access the library by reading a book. Someone's ideas are recorded by writing them down using symbols we call letters. By reading the symbols, we access the author's ideas. The book is a reference to the ideas, it does not contain them. The library is also accessible by meditation or contemplation. Holding an idea in our mind, we check the 'book' out, and by using our imagination, see where it leads. At aetherea, we access the library by using state-of-the-art technology that enables recording of these ideas, somewhat similar to the way we copy information onto a flash drive, or the hard drive of our computer. 

If you would like to know more about how we do things here and haven't seen our introductory video, click here.

Chakras - All

Each one of our chakras has a morpho-field, and there is a morpho-field for our chakras as a group. When working with our chakras, we typically focus on individual chakras, which can be very helpful. With Chakras - All, we work with them as a a group, as if they were one big chakra. This helps bring balance to individual chakras that are over or under-stimulated, especially if this is an habitual pattern.