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Tune-Up! Winter

Helps prepare you for exposure to the ups and downs of the winter season. Composed of some of our most magical products...


Aura clear

Code: HDYN0322  
Type : Anatomical
Family : Lymph
Function : Coordination
Custom Value 
Q Value (1-150) 
Special Instructions 

Occult attack - Block 30-100, 200-100
Occult attack - Protect 100-100, 200-100, 10-Kb

Astral body:

Psychic interference Low, 200-100, 1-Kb, 10-Kb
L1-Possession 30-100, 200-100, 10-Kb
L5,L7 Psychic attack 100-100, 200-100, 1-Kb

Aquamarine 5-10, 5-100,200-100
Red Jasper 4-10,12-100,30-100
Vogel quartz Low, 100-100

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