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Aura clear

Code: HDYN0322  

Clears debris that gets caught in our Aura.

Special Instructions 

Cleanse and clear the Aura


Stuck emotions, people who hold ill will towards us, life's traumas can all create 'debris' in our biofield. What should be a bright clear field, similar to the golden torus in the biofield image to the left, becomes cloudy and distorted. This debris can be seen by sensitives, but it can be felt by almost everyone.

Looking at the biofield image, it is easy to see that our biofield extends quite a distance from our body. So does everyone else's.

When we come into contact with people, our biofields interact. If there is a resonance with someone, it is unimportant if we know them, and if that person is going through a difficult time or holding on to emotions, thoughts or feelings that no longer serve them, this 'debris' can get caught up in our biofield. This is particularly true if their issues are similar to ours.

Our own emotional debris can build up too.

Where does this debris come from?

Traumas that we have experienced, traumas that maybe have not been fully processed, act like magnets within our biofield. Emotional baggage that we carry around, emotional responses that have become habitual, do the same thing.

Energetic debris can also be intentionally directed. Particularly from people who hold ill will towards us. Sometimes this energy can get stuck in our biofield. Sometimes this energy, as well as the energy from our unprocessed emotional energy, attracts other energies that do not have our best interests in mind.

Aura clear is designed to help clear the energetic debris.

Aura clear is designed to help strengthen our biofield so that it more effectively repels unwanted energies.

How does it work?

Aqua clear begins with two of our most popular aetheric products - Block&Return and Protect.

Block&Return sends unwanted energies back to their source - 'Return to Sender'. It adds no other energies, acting like a mirror.

Protect acts like a shield for our biofield. It is more active than Block&Return. It is an energetic defensive linebacker, tackling unwanted energies before they enter our sphere.

The next components work specifically on the psychic - mental and spiritual - fields, helping to repel any external energies that are not in our best interest and neutralizing any interference.

Aura clear is completed by the addition of three crystals.

Aquamarine is very protective. It is helpful for those of us who are hypersensitive to the environment - both the natural and man-made, particularly if this hypersensitivity manifests in skin issues. It provides a calming influence. It helps us find the courage within ourselves to face our difficulties with strength.

Red jasper cleanses the aura and strengthens the base chakra, helping to reground energies that might be overactive. It can help clear emotional blockages that affect our dreams.

Quartz harmonizes the formula, providing a balancing effect to the other ingredients, and to us.

A PS for those who might be interested in esoteric distinctions. The Aura clear product description conflates the aura and the biofield. The product's effect is to the biofield, which includes the aura. The aura is the aspect of the biofield that is broadcasting our current state of being, sort of like a movie of where we're at.

Block & Return: 30-100, 200-100
Protection: 100-100, 200-100, 10-Kb

Astral body:
Psychic interference: Low chord, 200-100, 1-Kb, 10-Kb
Psychic attack: 100-100, 200-100, 1-Kb

Aquamarine - 5-10, 5-100, 200-100
Red jasper - 4-10, 12-100, 30-100
Vogel quartz - Low chord, 100-100