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the biofield

At aetherea, we make products that approach health from a completely different perspective.

aetherea products improve health by correcting disturbances in our biofield, which you see pictured to the left. Our individual biofield holds our history from birth (and before) through to the present. Everything that happens to us, body, mind and spirit, is information that we carry with us. We carry this information and it directly impacts our body.

Our products are based on information. Our body uses this information to correct the damage that exists in its biofield. If our body doesn't need that information, it ignores it. But if it's useful information, we experience greater strength and vitality. We approach life in a more relaxed fashion. We see correctly.


Know what healthy feels like!® By providing our body with the information it needs to remember true health, our Tune-Up! products are designed to help you overcome life's many challenges.

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Primarily intended for healthcare professionals. For beginners, personal or professional, there is a Top 15 product section with some useful tips for their usage.

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Our take on products that are based on a single imprint. Products within this category will typically be of interest to people and practitioners with more experience using energetically-based products.

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Flower essences capture the grace and beauty of the plant kingdom's artists. They have a particular resonance for our emotional states, helping to soothe, calm and nurture.

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Fine elixirs of one of the most powerful aspects of our world - the crystalline. Each crystalline imprint fully embodies the songs that each crystal sings, enabling them to penetrate into the deepest and highest aspects of our being.

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Typically used by professionals. Our current listing includes over 1500 elements and their compounds - products that are made from Periodic table components.

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aetherea is without a doubt, the finest source for information-based products. Michael Leger's precise and pure technological approach to creating products has enabled me to help my clients at a level that could not be otherwise achieved [...]

- Dr. Donald Liebell
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

In a world with many options to assist with healing, I choose remedies by aetherea as integral tools to assist my patients on their healing journey. The remedies are unique, highly effective, and can be used as primary or adjunctive therapy [...]

- Dr. Rudy Byron
Racine, WI, USA

News from a skeptic. I tried Tune-Up! Relax with no specific expectations... after night #3 I slept my first complete night in months [...]

- A. Pilon
Toronto, Canada

"I have ordered tons and tons of products from many different manufacturers, but so many things are difficult to find... It's good to know I have been able to locate them with you... I am glad I found you! [...]

- Roxann Mills
Ventura, CA, USA

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